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Freshening up your Makeup Purse! Shelf life and more......

Have you ever thought, it’s time for a big clean up and you just need to freshen up your home, health and your personal belongings too!

We feel this as the seasons change! Not only for the house but our makeup kits too!

It’s also the perfect time to experiment with your everyday look,  try something new, something fresh and awakening! Maybe a new blush, eyeshadow or lipstick?



So let's get to the facts, how long should you keep your products for?


Products shelf life
Pure loose Minerals are inorganic and do not contain any water so bacteria cannot form or be supported in them. So, in theory, our loose Mineral products should last forever! However, wet or dirty make-up brushes or exposure to moisture can contaminate your make-up. Therefore, for safety reasons, once you have opened your loose products we recommend if you have not used them up in 36-48 months, it is a good idea to recommend clients discard them but not essential if they have used correct storage and sanitation methods.

All Products that are wet or creamy contain moisture and or oils. Once these products are opened to the air they will oxidize and eventually go off. When products are off, they will be rancid and have an unpleasant smell. Remember if it starts smelling bad, chances are it probably is – throw it out! You will find unperfumed products may have a natural Wax smell and that is ok.


Once opened
Mascara & Eye Primers: Depending on temperature and humidity and frequency of use, we recommend you discard your opened Mascara and Eyelash Primers from 3-6 months



Creamy products: Lipstick, creamy lip-gloss, pencil liners, concealers, Cream foundations, Cream blush, cream highlighter, etc, depending on environment and use should be discarded after 12-30 months.


 Wet products: Any product that contains water such as foundation Primer or liquid style foundations containing water after 12 months.


Powdered products: The recommended shelf life of opened commercial loose or pressed powder products is 36 months.

Being mindful not only of product shelf life but hygiene with the products you’re putting on your skin is essential for healthy glowing skin.

Never share your personal makeup products, brushes or tools with others. Always replace your products after any skin conditions, such as a cold sore, sty, conjunctivitis as you may have contaminated your mascara or lipstick.

It is not worth the risk of spreading anything around your skin. Cleaning your brushes daily is very important, especially if you suffer from open or inflamed acne or skin conditions, to stop the possibility of any cross-contamination in and out of product to other areas on the skin. To avoid cross-contamination, we recommend decanting your product into a spare dish or container.

We love creating a ritual for ourselves here in Kylie’s office to refresh our makeup each spring and treat ourselves to new products, we think you should too! So to help you spring clean, replace and refresh your makeup purses we are offering you our amazing Essentials gift set which is all your everyday makeup needs including a gift of a Loose Mineral goddess Blush of your choice with this purchase!  

Customize your essentials set by choosing which foundation you would prefer either a Mineral Goddess Loose Foundation or a Mineral Goddess Cream Foundation. When you order please add your foundation shade and 'Spring Clean'  in the note section at the checkout, to receive your complimentary Loose Mineral Blush!


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