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Mineral Goddess Setting Powder - Tips & Tricks


If you would like some handy hints and want to learn what Setting Powder, Translucent powder, or finishing powder can do for you as well as  learn some alternative ways to use Setting powder this blog is for you.

Setting, Translucent or finishing powder all l have the same purpose only different names and like any makeup product there are many different formulas on the market. Some are natural and made safe and some are commercial mainstream containing not so skin loving ingredients

As you know we love our natural products and formulas that offer professional results.

Setting Powder is an essential product if you want to reduce shine, a product to use for special occasions and for creating matte photographic finishes or for video / TV applications.

To achieve a true professional photo finish makeup application always apply Setting Powder.

Setting powders are light and silky in texture. They are also translucent and do not offer coverage, but achieve a flawless smooth and matt appearance. Setting powder also helps keep your foundation in place. Quality formulas will not dry your skin out, or appear cakey.

Our Mineral Goddess Setting Powders are silky-smooth and help to absorb excess oil, keeping you looking amazing for longer.


Mineral Goddess Setting Powder Tips and Tricks:


How to apply

Dust and Blend Setting Powder over the face with a soft Fluffy Brush. I like Mineral Goddess brush #2 for this. Apply across the forehead and then brush it down the face to ensure the fine facial hairs are lying flat.

 Setting Powder also enables us to use powdered products such as eyeshadows and blushes over cream bases without the product grabbing, thus making it easier to blend. If you are using a cream/wet style foundation, always check any creases around the eyes and nasal folds, before setting with your powder.


Wear it under your Mineral Goddess Foundation:

If you have large pores or find that your face becomes overly shiny during the day, you may apply Setting Powder under your Loose Mineral Goddess Foundation. This will help give your pores a smoother appearance and help achieve a matt result.

Wear it over the top of your Mineral Goddess Foundation:

By applying Setting Powder over the top of your Loose or Cream Foundation you will reduce unwanted shine and help achieve a flawless long-lasting makeup and photographic ready finish.

If you prefer a dewy look:

If you prefer a dewy finish always ensure you’re not shiny or too dewy in all the wrong places.
 I still recommend applying Setting powder to the T-Zone area, such as the nose area, forehead and chin as these areas are not flattering to be shiny, especially in photographs.

 Touch Ups:

Mineral Goddess Setting Powders are perfect to have on hand for makeup touch-ups. To touch up your base, pat your T- Zone area with a tissue then re-apply some setting powder to keep your base looking flawless.  You may then Spritz the face with a hydration setting spray to re-set. We love our Goddessey - Skin Nutrition Beauty Tonic for a refreshing mist.


Fashion makeup

Photos & Video meetings:

When taking photos at home, at a shoot, taking selfies, videoing a blog or taking photos of the entire family from children to grandparents, including pops shiny, bald head, dust on a little Mineral Goddess Setting Powder to guard against the dreaded shiny-face photo look. This is even more important if using flash or a strong light source.

If you prefer a matt Lipstick:

Setting powder can also be applied over your lipstick if you want a matt finish to your lips. First, grab a tissue and separate the tissue layers. Then place one of the thin tissue layers on to the lips and apply Setting Powder on the tissue to the lip area.

Mineral Goddess Lipstick

As matt eyeshadow:

If you like to have a natural clear wash of colour on your eyes, you can apply the Mineral Goddess Setting Powder as a matt eyeshadow. As a bonus it will keep your eye lids matt as well, combating that unwanted shine.


 Use Under your eyes:

If you are a little heavy handed when it comes to applying eyeshadow and are always getting fallout under your eye. Use our #15 fan brush to apply your Mineral Goddess Setting Powder liberally on the surface of the skin under the eye. Once you have completed your shadow you can simply dust the setting powder away




Best brush to use for applying to the face:

Applying your Mineral Goddess Setting Powder with a soft Fluffy Brush is best. I like Mineral Goddess brush #2 for this. Using this brush will give you a beautifully shear and even coat of your setting powder.



How often do I need to apply?

Initially once in the morning when you do your makeup, then you can re-apply throughout the day when you feel like you are producing excess oils and need a powder down. You can also blot the face with a tissue or facial blotting paper to reduce shine throughout the day.



Can you use Pressed Mineral Foundation in Place of Setting Powder?

Yes you can! Pressed Mineral Foundation is a matt foundation that can double as a touch up type of setting powder that also has coverage and pigment .

To use blott you face with a tissue and touch up your forehead nose and chin to help combat shine thoughout the day.

Avoiding traditional talc based setting powder and makeup products.
NB: Non of our products contain talc: however, many mainstream Setting powders are Talc based.

Talc is a natural Mineral that achieves a dry, chalky, powdered look. While It has been popular for a long time, It can cause a drying or cakey appearance on the face with repeated touching up. This is enough of a reason not to use it in our formulas; however, a much bigger concern is that talc can also contain asbestos.
This contamination has been long known and battled over for 50 years and with the last few years revelations of asbestos found in makeup and talc and of the cover-ups  by massive multinational companies, everyone should be taking steps to avoid products containing talc.

If you wish to learn more about this issue, I have included a few links below to get you started.



Love Kylie xx

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