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A message from Kylie

From the earth, to you - naturally

I’d like to introduce myself and my Professional Makeup range to all who love makeup.
I am a qualified, Professional Hairdresser. A salon owner, an employer of makeup artists and a 25+ year practicing professional Makeup Artist myself. I have been a finalist in the Australian Beauty Industry - Makeup Artist of the year Awards in 2014, 2015 & 2016 and a finalist in the Australian Hair Fashion Awards - Makeup artist of the year 2016. 

Significantly I use only Kylie's Professional makeup products in my professional work. I believe knowing exactly what is in the products I am using and the high quality and safety of them has made a big difference to the quality of my makeup application and my confidence dealing with all skin types and problems.

From early on, my own super-sensitive skin led me on a driven quest for non-irritating and safe, skincare and beauty products. The joy of sharing my discoveries with friends and clients encouraged me to spread the knowledge and availability of the better, healthier options I had found or eventually created. 

It is because of the enthusiastic support I received that proudly, I now have my exclusive products made by several awesome Australian companies to my proprietary formulas and colours. I also have gorgeous natural eyeliners from the USA and custom, natural eye and lip pencils from the world's masters of everything pencils, Germany.

If you wish to know more about us please browse through the headings below and feel free to Contact me if you have any Questions.

If you would like to see some examples of what makeup work I have been up to, I have a portfolio over at: http://www.kylieeustace.com.au/ 

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Love Kylie XOXOXO

About myself

From my earliest memories, I have been make-up obsessed. No makeup bag was ever safe around me and I often went to extraordinary lengths to get my hands on those magical powders and potions that only grown-ups were allowed to possess. 
I admit that I drove my parents, neighbors and friends mad for years with my infatuation. It was therefore no surprise to anyone when I  became a professional Makeup Artist. 
Due to a long misdiagnosed gluten allergy that was only discovered a few years ago, I always had very sensitive skin that was easily irritated by the use of certain hair care, skincare and cosmetic products. Because of my own often painful experiences it was of utmost importance to me that all the makeup in my professional kit be allergy and irritant free so that others with similarly sensitive skin would be well looked after. I was stubbornly unwilling to use anything on my clients that I wouldn’t use on myself.

The Process

It has taken many years of searching and refining to produce formulas giving true professional level results without any unwanted reactions. Yes! It really is possible to have long lasting Natural Professional cosmetics without the redness, burning or stinging associated with a lot of the mainstream cosmetics full of manufactured fillers, chemicals and dyes.

This balance of science and nature’s pure pigments and minerals maximizes the effectiveness of the formulas in order to provide a safer alternative. The difference is immediately obvious and easy to see and feel.

The colour range is created from my personal favourites, proven performers and client’s regular requests. The Mineral Goddess Foundations are simply exceptional, with seventeen of the most wearable colours, individually conceived, blended and adjusted painstakingly by myself. Before general release, all are first expertly trialled by professional make-up artists. A big thank you goes especially to my personal clients who have happily and enthusiastically been my human guinea pigs and assessors, helping me create foundation colours to suit everyone.

I regularly consult and work with the very best chemists and Manufacturers in Australia USA and Germany to maintain and extend the most exceptional Mineral make-up products available.
I know you will enjoy using these products as much as I do, whether it’s professionally as a makeup artist or on yourself.

The Products

The Mineral Goddess Range of Professional Mineral Makeup is simply brilliant!
The Foundations are durable, safe and so easy to use. The mineral blends are 100% natural and pure, containing no fillers, preservatives, perfumes, colourants or parabens. This makes them perfect for sensitive and problem skin types and also great after cosmetic procedures. 
They can be used all day/every day and are also fantastic for professional Make-up Artists to use for all their on-location jobs.

I highly recommend our products for all Professional Make-up Artists and for women globally for their everyday use. It is perfect for weddings and special occasion make-up. It has superior coverage and is water resistant too. 
I know you will enjoy using these products as much as I do, whether it’s professionally, as a makeup artist or on yourself.

A Reminder
Please be aware that as much as we all wish it were so, minerals are not a miracle cure for skin ailments and it would of course be unreasonable for anyone to make that claim. However, we have put together blends of the purest, medical-grade, natural minerals currently available that are free of any known irritants to help provide you with the looks you desire, with the least chance of an unpleasant reaction.
If you do have a history of severe reactions to any skincare, haircare or other beauty or health products then it is advised that you first consult an allergy specialist for tests to determine the exact cause and/or offending element. 
Some very helpful information is available here: http://www.allergy.org.au/


It is one thing to have a dream of successfully bringing a special product to the market but quite another if in the process your values are compromised, or the environment, people or any living thing suffers.
I have chosen only those manufacturers who use the finest ingredients available and who consistently produce products of the highest quality. The manufacturers I use are predominantly Australian companies I have had a long and close relationship with. Australia is a country with world recognized, strict manufacturing controls and hygiene regulations as well as high ethical and moral standards. 

While I would prefer to support only Australian companies, sometimes a specialist overseas company makes a product so good that Australia just can't match it. This is the case with my Eyeliner pencils and also my Eyeliner Gel and Liquid Eyeliner. Absolutely exceptional products, custom made for me in Germany and the US that are also Natural, Vegan and Sensitive-skin safe.

Rest assured, I will never resort to using lower price manufacturers in cheap/high risk countries, in order to produce a cheaper product. My and your health are too important to compromise!

A false assumption!
Unfortunately, I am increasingly running into people who, proudly boast that their usual make-up is also Australian made. - Unfortunately and unknown to them, they are mistaken! 
Sadly, several of Australia's most popular make-up brands, once made here, are now very quietly being made in China and other low-cost/hi-risk countries. As a former big fan of the companies themselves and Australian made products in general 
I am hugely disappointed with their decision - perhaps you should let them know if you are too!

Always check the labels, Box & ingredients and be aware of where your product really comes from and what it contains. 

Tuition & workshops

Are you interested in getting extra makeup instruction for yourself or your staff?
Are you a professional makeup artist that is not experienced with the modern mineral products and eager to find out what the fuss is about?
Whether you are a part-time make-up artist wanting to refresh your skills or for those who have never really used make-up before. The benefits of professional guidance are many and the joy of knowing how to bring out others and one’s own natural beauty is so rewarding. You will find all your beauty will shine through inside and out, with your new found confidence.

Kylies Professional offers make-up tuition, ranging from thorough one on one sessions to large groups. 
These lessons are tailored to suit your needs. 
I also offer special group training\Look and learn sessions for salons and stockists. more..


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