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'It is essential to use quality tools of the trade to ensure superior,
professional Make-up applications'

Kylie's luxurious Full size 'Vegan'
Professional Mineral Make-up Brushes are here!


From the very first time I tried one of the new 'Super-Synthetic Style' brushes I was hooked and I immediately wanted to share my experience and excitement. 'Synthetic' Kabuki's were added to the range first, which everyone loved and so this was followed by the 7pc Compact Brush set. People raved about these also and like me their Sable and other expensive brushes rarely got used.
As a result of their enthusiastic support and encouragement I have now expanded the range to form a comprehensive Professional's set that completely replaces the old range.

This is a complete professional’s brush range so there is no need to use any animal hair/fur brushes again. Because the fibres are so fine they hold powders much better than traditional brushes, giving that airbrush-like finish. We believe them to be superior in every way to any existing traditional brush and especially beneficial with minerals. We also love that they are Vegan and therefore cruelty free.

All twenty two brushes are designed for exceptional coverage, blending, fine detail and product transfer.
By holding onto your loose Mineral powders better, they make application easier and with fewer spills.
The brushes all work together to help you achieve a smooth and precise make-up application!

Because they are synthetic they are more durable, easier to clean and are much more resistant to bacteria, coupled with the fact that they are so soft and silky to touch and not at all spiky makes these brushes fantastic for sensitive skin. (and especially for those with animal-hair allergies)

These are the softest, most luxurious brushes you will ever use. It has been a revelation working with them and if you are a make-up professional or an inspired make-up lover you will love them too!
In the Media
Professional Beauty magazine seems to like our brushes as much as we do. selecting them as one of the top 15 'Best tools of the trade' which was very gratifying and especially being among such huge and respected industry names as: Bobbi Brown, Jane Iredale, BECCA, Laura Mercer and Young Blood

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