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How To

Kylie's Mineral Goddess Make-up - How To's

Face Chart Fashion Flower Goddess
1. Apply Mineral Goddess Foundation Primer, complete Base with Concealer, Foundation, and 
Divine Foundation for Contouring. Apply Setting Powder

2. Define the brows with Mineral Eyeshadow – 
Coffee Bean

3. Apply Eye and Lip Primer to the eyelid and lower lash line area.

4. Apply Mineral Eyeshadow – 
Lemon to the inner corner and the outer half of the eyelid area. Use this shadow along the inner lower lash line.

5. Next, use Eyeshadow - 
Mandarin across the eye crease/contour area. Also blend it on an angle from the outer corner of the eye directed towards the corner of the eyebrow.

6. Define the inner eyebrow and down towards the nose with Mineral Eyeshadow - 
Earth and Coffee Bean.
Use Mandarin Eyeshadow to gently blend these shadows.

7. Apply Mineral Eyeshadow – 
Lemon as a highlighter on the outer ¾ of the brow bone area.

8. Use ‘
Mandarin’- Eyeshadow as your blush colour.

9. For lip colour apply 
#13 Fruit lipstick and blend Eyeshadow - Mandarinmixed with Mineral Creamy - lips #13 Clarity over the top.

10. Apply Mineral Eyelash Primer & Three Coats of Mascara

11. Use 
Mandarin - Eyeshadow to coat a few hair strands. You may apply it damp or mix it with eye & Lip Primer. This Gives the effect of hair chalk

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