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Summer time - Makeup & Beauty tips

Summer Time - Makeup & Beauty Tips


We love summer and keeping our makeup looking fabulous is simple with these easy beauty tips!

In the warmer months the first tip to ensure a great result is to always ensure you stay hydrated and to look after your diet as well as your skin.



 We are what we eat, so a healthy diet containing lots of Fresh fruit and Veges is essential as these foods are not only hydrating, they are packed full of essential  nutrients and antioxidants to keep you and your skin looking  and  feeling radiant.




A diet of fresh fruits, vegetables, healthy fats /oils and protein are the building blocks of great skin. These foods will deliver all the essential vitamins and minerals as well as provide you with plenty of vitamin C to help support  the building blocks of collagen production within the skin to help keep it looking radiant.

 Keep hydrated by drinking plenty of filtered water, exfoliate once a week and use a light serum, oil or your favorite moisturiser.
GODDESSEY - Skin Nutrition
Beauty Tonic



I love to use a hydration spay  to prep my skin before my day and to refresh my skin anytime I want to feel refreshed. I am biased but our multiple Award Winning Goddessesy - Skin Nutrition - Beauty tonic is my favorite and it can also be used to set your makeup! It is packed full of hydrating goodness containing Aloe, Rose, Kakadu Plum, Calendula and Cucumber to name some of the hero's within the tonic!

My next step is followed by a water-based plant based serum that naturally contains vitamin C such as Kakadu plum seed extract followed by a light Beauty serum oil.You can read all about the amazing goodness of these products on the main website. They are literally skin food!  



GODDESSEY - Skin Nutrition
Kakadu Plum Seed extract & Beauty Serum



Sun protection is also important when spending time outdoors! I love the Edible beauty’s SPF 50 Basking Beauty Natural Sun cream as it is a zinc oxide based, ocean friendly, is good for this skin, the texture is great and it can be worn under my Loose Mineral Goddess Foundation.      



   Starting with your makeup application you can’t go past a Foundation Primer containing Aloe, as it is so hydrating and soothing. Foundation primer will also help your makeup stay put all day. You don’t need to wear it every day but if you like your makeup to stay put longer or have a special occasion on it is absolutely ideal.




Natural and organic beauty and makeup products are my favorite as they provide all the essentials to your skin needs without all the added artificial ingredients that can cause sensitivities. We encourage you to check products you use are certified safe and toxic free. Our certifications below.



The  skin loves to avoid unnecessary irritants or toxic ingredients that are often added into mainstream products. If you are unsure you can use google to check the safety  of any ingredients you are not sure of. Sites such as    https://www.ewg.org/skindeep/ and http://www.safecosmetics.org/get-the-facts/chem-of-concern/  are helpful.


In summer I personally love a good quality, 
Mineral Powder Foundation as they are perfectly suited for summer weather, allowing your skin to breathe and will not clog your pores. Most Mineral foundations will also give you additional natural sun protection so that is also a bonus; they will stay on in humid conditions, are water resistant and are very healing.

You may also easily blend them with your facial oil, balm or moisturiser to apply as a creamy product if you prefer not to use a loose pigment powder.

Always be sure to use the correct foundation shade as the shade you used in winter or even spring may not still suit your complexion as you tan. Your summer foundation shade should perfectly match your body. You will have more skin exposed in summer so it is important the Foundation shade you use is correct. Test your summer shade on your jaw, collar bones or your shoulders.

 Check the shade suits you in daylight as indoor lighting can throw off artificial colour tones and will not guarantee the perfect match. If the foundation colour matches your body in daylight it is perfect for summer.






Bronzers are also wonderful for creating a healthy summer glow. They are not meant for your whole face, but blending Bronzer from your cheek bones to you temples will give you a sun kissed look.

Natural Eye’s for summer are beautiful with soft shading of bronze, Golds and  Rosegolds as they will  look great with any summer outfit or occasion. When going for a softer eye makeup look keep your brows well groomed and fill them in with a natural shadow shade to help frame your face and enhance your summer look.  

 Try a peachy pink blush on your Cheeks and apply a peachy pink lip shade for a natural look.  We love our loose Blush Playful and Bloom or our Cheek & Lip tint Flushed or Peachy in summer.


Cheek & Lip Cream & Creamy Lip Gloss


If you get overheated in summer pat you face with a tissue and refresh yourself by spritzing a hydration spray over your décolletage and face for instant relief.

Info By Kylie Eustace, Kylie's Professional www.kylieeustace.com.au www.kylies.com.au

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