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Raising Brow Trends

Hello Mineral Goddesses,

If you are a brow enthusiast, you might like this article I wrote for Professional Beauty Magazine, on brow trends.

1. The biggest trends in the brow market?

We will see fuller brows on trend with more of a natural shape coming and style. This will be dominating trends for quite some time.
Fuller brows will be groomed and filled in, only where needed, without looking to heavy. The brushed up fuller brow will also be popular.
Brow pencils, pens, waxes and powders will be applied in fine stokes for a natural look.
Setting brows in place with gels and using enhancing and multi tasting products to help create thicker brows will be popular.
Feathery natural brows will also be a fashion trend. These will be set into place with product.
Soft Natural arches will be popular as well as straighter brows.

2. What are the most important points salons should consider when choosing which brow services to offer on their menu?

It will be important for salons to consider the current tends as well as to consider whether the services that they offer can be reversed when trends change.
For eg tattoo ink can cause long lasting discolouration. Older style brow tattooing wasn’t as soft and natural looking as the newer microblading technique.
It is also important salons consider and inform the client that sometimes overwaxed/ plucked or threaded brows may not grow back!

3.How do you think the brow market is likely to change in the next few years?

We will be seeing more brow products on the market to add thickness and density to brow hairs, growth serums as well as more products to colour and style the brows

Kylie xo



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