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Nature and Health Autumn Article April/May Issue!

 Eco Glam Makeup for the Goddess within

The beautiful gift of nurturing yourself, with the creative expression of makeup!

As cooler weather approaches it’s the perfect time to try the beautiful eco, vegan and cruelty free makeup products that are available and trending today.
Autumn is a great time to experiment with bolder shades and more intense, deeper makeup looks.

This autumn, shades are richly pigmented with coloured, metallic and multi layered smoky eyes very popular.
Even if you are a little shy of wearing colour on your eyes, you can rock these looks when you blend the edges of your shadow well. Keep the deepest, boldest and most concentrated part of the colour in the centre of your eyelids. Fade the edges of your shadow out with another eyeshadow shade using a fluffy brush.

Colour combinations you could try, are purples which look beautiful on eyes of every colour. Deep silver grey with a rose shade, plum or navy with burnt orange, orchid and blue, emerald green with olive green, Chocolate and turquoise, bronze and golds or copper and golds are all are beautiful combinations.

If you are a creative person who loves eco fashion, you may also enjoy experimenting with different colours as the mood takes you.

If you love the idea of makeup but you just aren’t confident in application, you may enjoy doing a makeup workshop. As a professional makeup artist my favourite thing to do is, teach makeup skills. If this of interest to you, you can book a workshop at my salon or I can travel to you or your group’s location.
You will gain so much knowledge and confidence in naturally enhancing yourself or getting expressive with makeup! With practice applying makeup is such an easy way to nurture yourself, change your look and have fun.

Favourite products to try- Kylie’s Professional Pressed Feel naked Eyeshadow Palettes, Loose eye shadows in Exotic, Amethyst, Wisdom, Silver, Mandarin, Midnight, Liberty: Nature and Olive

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